Saturday, June 11, 2016

Francis Artisan Bakery

I just found out there's a new bakery in town last night and apparently, it's owned by a celebrity. Just like when there's anything new it became a short-living sensation and this one should be no exception. This bakery joint has been around for a few months and has five outlets (listed at the bottom of article), four located in Jakarta and one in Gading Serpong which is the one I visited.

I've always liked breads and sandwiches but I don't like the breads made here in where I live. Too soft, too sweet, barely fills you, boring choice. Forget bread, its identity is closer to a sad, flat pillow of baked gluten. A ray of hope shone upon me when Tous les Jour decided to open a branch in here. They got good bread, but sadly I think they priced it a bit too high. Then life goes on, breadless... until I found this bakery.

With the price average out at 30k rupiah per piece, the price is high, yes, but I don't think it's expensive as it offers great value. Look at the size of those loaves! One loaf can easily be the lunch of two people, or three if they has tiny stomach. They don't come short in quality, either. Chewy or crunchy, firm, and perfectly salted breads in a vast selection of Charcoal Beef, Pesto Cherry Tomato, Kraftkorn Flaxseed, Giant Beef Sausage, Squid Ink & Turkey, Beetroot Cranberry, Choco Durian, and many more. Availability varies with time as I don't see all of them during my visit. Salivate before their whole selection here:

The best thing about this bakery is most of the bread has a bowl of free samples placed on its side. This is truly helpful for a curious eater like me. Without it, I can't find out about how wonderful their breads are and I'd disregard this establishment as pretentious. Their bread truly live up to its name!

These are what I bought on my first visit. My hand is there for comparison. My hand is big, mind you, but the loaf is even bigger! Amazing!
Pictured here: Choco buns (the black one), Black Tea Apricot loaf (the big one),
Sakura Mochi (the small one).

Choco Buns

Sold in a pack of five under price tag of 20,000 rupiah, these buns are dense and full of rich chocolate, through and through! The bun is flavored with chocolate, filled with thick chocolate, and yet it's not very sweet. The flavor of chocolate also come and go cleanly, not clinging in your mouth unlike of those of inferior quality. Another plus point is these buns goes well with tea or coffee. No wonder it's a crowd favorite!

As one of the best seller, this one sure disappear quickly. They had a counter full of this when I came and when I'm done paying, only a few packs left! Boy, people sure love chocolate.

Black Tea Apricot Loaf

This gigantic loaf costs you 30,000 rupiah. But I assure you, you won't regret picking this one. The loaf consists of black tea dough, dried apricot slices, and very creamy mango cubes in the center. To be honest, I can't smell or taste the tea in this bread. It can't be helped, the mango is just too strong! It smells even stronger than Dilmah's mango tea. What surprised me was the mango's very creamy. Judging from its odor and taste, I'd say it come close to Arumanis variety. They might've crushed the fruit and mix it with heavy cream, resulting in silky mango cream that's very sweet, slightly sour, tastes tropical, and packs real punch! They didn't put much cream in the bread yet it's enough to flavor the huge loaf. Also, slices of dried apricot scattered through the bread providing contrast in each bite. Delicious! If you love fruits in your bread, try this one!

Sakura Mochi Bun

I'm clueless on why this bread has Sakura in its name when it's not flavored with cherry or pink in color. But that's the only downside of this humbly good bread. Pillowy and chewy, slightly sweet with a tad bitterness from the pleasant toasty flavor it has. Generous amount of black sesame seeds mixed in the dough gives fun crunch and richness to the flavor. Priced at 12k per piece, I'd say it's a good snack to grab on the go. Eat it freshly baked if you can; I ate one on-site and it blown me away. Like any other baked goods that's a world of difference when came out from the oven, this bread was amazingly fragrant and the skin, that would soften when cold, was slightly crunchy and had more intense toasty flavor to it.

That's all I can say for now. I look forward to my next visit!

Manufacturer: Francis Artisan Bakery
Price range: 15,000-60,000 rupiah.
Portion: BIG.
Worth to buy? YES YES YES.
Who'll love this: Those who loves real bread and knows there's more fillings beyond chocolate and strawberry jam.
You'll also like: Tous les Jour Bakery.

Outlets, as per June 11th 2016
Summarecon Mall Serpong 2
Mall Kelapa Gading 3
Mall Taman Anggrek
Grand Indonesia
Lippo Mall Puri

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