Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kruster Lemon Cream Sandwich Cracker

Each pack contains 15 pieces of sandwich crackers.
The cream has the distinct smell and flavor that comes with lemon food flavoring, sweet with a lick of sour in the finish and lingers in your mouth for awhile. The cracker was made with shortening so they're airy and slightly salty. It didn't resist at all when I bite them. Very crunchy, very nice. They're quite sweet, but not as much as Lemonia. You could eat a few and still reaching for more.

This could go really well with tea. Skip the Earl Grey, it already has the citric punch. Instead, go for English Breakfast or Jasmine tea and you're in for a pleasant afternoon.

Well, what do you say? Are you with me or do you think my review doesn't do enough justice to the product? Write away your thought in the comment.
See you at the next review.

Manufacturer: PT Monde Mahkota Biskuit
Price range: 5650 rupiah (Based on where I bought it. Your area might has them under different price.)
Net Weight: 100 gram
Worth to buy? Yes.
Who'll love this: Biscuits and tea enthusiasts.
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