Monday, May 16, 2016

Serena Milk Short Cake Cream Biscuits

It contains twenty pieces of biscuits per pack for less than a dollar. Sweet deal, I say.

Perfectly crunchy for a biscuit. Not too hard or too crumbly, just right. They're quite sweet thanks to the cream but the slightly chocolatey biscuit tone it down, resulting in a balanced flavor. If you're not a sweet tooth, this is perfect for you.

This biscuit might not be anything sort of special but it has no flaw either. With its affordable price tag, you might want to stock it up. They're great company to your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

Well, what do you say? Are you with me or do you think my review doesn't do enough justice to the product? Write away your thought in the comment.
See you at the next review.

Manufacturer: PT Serena Indopangan Industri
Price range: 9550 rupiah (Based on where I bought it. Your place might has them under different price.)
Worth to buy? Yes.
Who'll love this: Adults who like their sugar not too sugary.
You'll also like: Oreo.

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