Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lay's Honey Butter Flavour

Back in the August 2014, there was an uproar in South Korea caused by... a snack, honey & butter flavored potato chips joint-manufactured by confectionery giants Calbee (Japan) and Haitai (Korea). The snack was crazy popular it always sold out everywhere and could be found resold online at three times of its original price, drove someone to make an app to track its availability, and other confectioneries rode the wave by making similar products while at the same time helped to calm the craze. You can read the details in here.

One would wonder how such thing could happen. The truth is, it basically fulfills all of our basic cravings: sweet, salt, fat, and crunch. You reach for sweets when need to think hard or sad, crunchy crackers when angry or bored, a bowl of thick-souped Tonkotsu Ramen when really hungry or just want to pig out. Well, you get the idea. Eating one of those kinds of food will send a feel-good signal to our brain and the snack has four. That's why the snack can be so comforting to eat ...or maybe the combination of butter and honey is just darn delicious.

Anyway, Lay's has recently introduced Honey Butter flavor to their selections aside from Seaweed, Salmon Teriyaki, Plain Salt, Pizza, BBQ, or Sour Cream and Onion I've reviewed before. Priced at eight thousand rupiah per pack, it's much cheaper than the original from Calbee which can be easily four times of Lay's because it's imported. Does the huge gap in price matter? Let's find out.

Upon opening, you can immediately smell the buttery aroma from inside the package. Good, but not amazing. The chips are crunchy yet it kinda lacks in flavor. You can taste the honey butter but it's not very pronounced as if it disappears the moment you taste it. It leaves a weak aftertaste, too. It's not that bad by itself but I had tasted the honey butter chips from Calbee and Lay's is just pale in comparison. Calbee's had a more intense flavor, a perfect balance of salt, sweetness, and butter, with chopped parsley mixed to enhance the aroma; it was a flavor that drives people into addiction and stirred a craze. Lay's isn't just as good, for better or worse. 

Well, what do you think? Are you with me or do you think my review doesn't do enough justice to the product? Write away your thought in the comment.
See you at the next review.

Manufacturer: PT Indofood Fritolay Makmur
Price range: 8000 Rupiah (Based on where I bought it. Your place might have them under different price.)
Worth to buy? Maybe.
Who'll love this: potato chips lover in general
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